welcome to vegas, a city on steroids. four days of dry heat, plastic faces, stilettos and money, money, money. i saw some things a person should never see. but i won’t post those photos cause they’s ain’t SFW.


interior lives


maneouvred IDS 10 this year. familiar designs in unfamiliar territory. the metro convention centre as a new venue…. worked. huge improvement from last year’s show at the exhibition place. more light never hurt nobody. (ditto double negatives.)
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i find this charcuterie foodie craze funny.

growing up in a traditional italian household meant that the dinner table was always loaded with homemade sausages, capicollos, proscuittos, and practically any other meat you can imagine. when i was fourteen, instead of going out with friends, my weekends were begrudgingly spent making sausages with my dad and any other family members/friends he roped in. (there were precious few who could turn down offers of homemade wine…)

so, when charcuterie became popular i was taken aback… cause, really, what’s so cool about cured meats?

seeing as the fad took over the toronto foodie scene awhile ago, and hasn’t budged a bit since, a LOT.

i guess knowing how to make sausages is, like, cool now?

does this mean my dad is also cool now? the angst-ridden fourteen year old girl inside of me is in a state of shock.

thought i’d give you a tour of the meat factory that is my dad’s garage. i spent last saturday here, elbow deep in pork and deer meat… i left with a supply of sausages that will see me through this harsh canadian winter.

vegetarian friends, i apologize for the meatiness of the following. (i was a vegetarian for a year in high school. didn’t go over well with the fam. there was many a plot i thwarted by siblings and cousins who tried to sneak meat into my food. after finding a slice of pepperoni hiding between the cheese and crust of my pizza for the fifth time, i realized i could never leave my dinners alone again.)
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in the span of two days, i have taken photos of twelve hakka spots around the fair city of toronto. and by toronto, i mean scarborough. and by fair city, i mean scary ghetto.

this is how it went down at every.. single… one…..
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check out my sexy new blogroll. it’s so sexy and new.

the other day, i got arts and craftsy at the media preview for the one of a kind show and sale. it made me feel like i should be making more things with my hands. like, real tangible things. not just internet things.

(these are by this girl here. and i like ’em.)

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power up


Gamercamp invaded the Lower Ossington Theatre on Saturday.

The inaugural celebration of Toronto’s gaming community featured speakers, demos, and even an arcade outfitted with the best retro games you can remember (plus the games you can’t). The brightest of the city’s indie devs came out to play, and play they did.
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headed to canzine at the gladstone last sunday. lots of fun, soo busy. i got super sweaty taking photos of things like this art installation on the 2nd floor. it featured found photos of mannequins from the 1930s and 40s. awkward. and cool. an apt description of everybody there.

get moist!


Wednesday night I headed to The Tranzac to catch Japanese/Canadian hybrid The Moist Towelettes play an adorable and sincere set of j-pop that was so bubblegum sweet it practically gave me a tooth ache. After an hour and a half of choreographed dance numbers, costume changes and catchy songs that sound like they belong on Sesame Street, you could say I was smitten with this campy but CUTE group.
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So, the zombie genre has finally come to this. Sure it was a slippery slope, from Romero’s disturbing Dawn of the Dead (zombies congregate in a… shopping mall?) to the hilarious Shaun of the Dead (decapitation by vinyl record, HAH.) These movies recognized the absurdness and humour of the genre, but in the bloodiest, most badass way possible. Well, Zombieland has taken it TOO FAR. It’s zombie meets DISNEY, for chrissakes.
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