So, the zombie genre has finally come to this. Sure it was a slippery slope, from Romero’s disturbing Dawn of the Dead (zombies congregate in a… shopping mall?) to the hilarious Shaun of the Dead (decapitation by vinyl record, HAH.) These movies recognized the absurdness and humour of the genre, but in the bloodiest, most badass way possible. Well, Zombieland has taken it TOO FAR. It’s zombie meets DISNEY, for chrissakes.

Directed by Ruben Feischer, the film follows the story of a geeky World of Warcraft-playing student (Jesse Eisenberg, the thinking man’s Michael Cera) and the rules he lives by in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. On his adventure, the kid is joined by a gunslinging “cowboy” (Woody Harrelson), and a team of wise-ass sisters (Abigail Breslin and stone cold fox Emma Stone.)

Zombieland is a comedy first, and zombie film second. Maybe it’s because I was recently exposed to the bloody, disgusting awesomeness that was REC [2] during TIFF and my standards are set too high, but I left the film thinking “….meh.” The jokes were just cheesy, and obvious. The best ones, of course, were ruined by the trailer. In a week, I bet all of the fourteen year old boys and members of fraternities on your facebook will have updated their statuses to say “Nut up or shut up.” (Not even made funny by Hollywood’s favourite pothead, the loveable Woody Harrelson. Man, he made Will and Grace awesome. So why not this?)

Jesse Eisenberg was… annoying. I understand why they casted him, but for some reason his inability to talk in a more-than-monotone-voice just doesn’t work in this movie. Emma Stone is a fox. I love her. She can bring funny to even the shittiest of roles (think House Bunny.) But despite her awesomeness, she fell flat. (Kind of like her chest. Unfortunately, she seems to have succumbed to the Hollywood diet and looks like Lindsay Lohan‘s twin. Eat some fried chicken, Emma.)

I must say though, I really did enjoy the opening credits. Because I am amused easily. And, honestly? I WAS amused by this movie. Memorable, though? Not really (except for a KILLER cameo. hint: think Ghostbusters re-enactment. ack, i’ve already said too much.)

Okay fine, it’s a comedy first and a zombie movie second. Sure, my inner zombie fan is disappointed by the weak plot. Maybe I could have forgiven that if the jokes were actually funny. Unfortunately, in Zombieland the humour falls, um, dead. HEY-OH.


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  1. 1 jamesthian

    I just saw Zombieland last night. When the movie hit its marks, it was funny. When the jokes fell flat (which they did all too often when they were making the really obvious ones), they just kind of stung you and made you wish you were doing something else to forget what just happened.

    The one genius scene that sold me was near the beginning was when Columbus dropped his keys while he was trying to get in his car. Instead of wasting time trying to scramble for them (which leads to the inevitable tackle, like in so many other zombie flicks), he does another lap around the parking lot, giving himself a greater lead before lunging for his car keys. But it seems as the humans get smarter in the zombie genre, so too do the zombies. I mean, in this movie we had zombies opening doors and climbing ladders. What the fuck? And to even out the playing field, whenever the zombies attain a new ability (running, climbing, door-opening, etc), they become weaker and much, much easier to kill.

    And was it just me, or did you feel a little weird when they mentioned Facebook? I still find it a little off-putting whenever pop culture feels the need to take a jab at the social networking site. I know it’s so ingrained in day-to-day life, but it’s still kind of weird to me.

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