power up


Gamercamp invaded the Lower Ossington Theatre on Saturday.

The inaugural celebration of Toronto’s gaming community featured speakers, demos, and even an arcade outfitted with the best retro games you can remember (plus the games you can’t). The brightest of the city’s indie devs came out to play, and play they did.

Things I Learned

– dev is short for developer (i’m a n00b).
– cupcakes are delicious but pacman cupcakes are even MORE delicous.
– i ♥ geeks.
– i miss cartridges (remember this cartoon? forgot how awesome and… sexual it was.)
– tee.oh. has a really awesome, really innovative growing indie gaming community that i didn’t even know EXISTED. it’s fucking rad, and welcoming.
– indie game devs are artists in their own right.
– gardening can be guerilla and BADASS.
– games are USEFUL. fun fact: a doctor actually used one of metanet’s games in a study on ADHD and anger management. patients played purposefully frustrating games to learn how to control their emotions.
blobs are the new vampire.
building a game a week is kinda punk rock
– rock band meets tower defense games = A FUCKING COOL & INNOVATIVE WAY TO PLAY.
– sometimes all you really need to do to win is keep things simple, and adorable.



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