art craft things


the other day, i got arts and craftsy at the media preview for the one of a kind show and sale. it made me feel like i should be making more things with my hands. like, real tangible things. not just internet things.

(these are by this girl here. and i like ’em.)

man, i thought these marionettes were so purdy.

i plan on returning and buying everyone (the vip’s of my life) their xxxmas gifts here. you should to.

p.s. on top of nice things, there were also ridiculous things. like these, um, sock… hats?


p.p.s. watching a special on madonna as i type this. she is unbelievable.
p.p.p.s. also watching older eps of the office. SO much better then the new ones. remember when jim pined for pam from afar? sighhh.


2 Responses to “art craft things”

  1. woah those are too cute and magical.

  2. oh woops i was talking about the tree stump elves…didnt read the whole post!!!

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