miike it snow


Wrongbar has never felt so…. right (i’m LAME) on a Wednesday night, thanks to the irresistible music makers/dream shakers Miike Snow.

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on saturday night i planned to see japandroids play at the horseshoe, come home early and blog about it. and i did…. kind of. everything went according to plan, except for the part when i accidentally got drunk after meeting some friends at the bar. the vancouver grunge pop duo hit the stage, and things got hazy. so here i am now, looking through photos taken during the set and searching online for mind exercises to help jog my memory of what i was told afterward was a wicked show.


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Graffiti. Break dancing. MCing. DJing. These are a few of my (and Afrika Bambaataa‘s) favourite things. And with one epic summer-ending extravaganza, the third annual ManifesTO festival blended them all. Over 100 artists and a full-day stage concert, embodying the true pillars of hip hop culture, transformed Nathan Phillips Square into a bonafide artistic playground. Best part of all? It was free. Afrika Bambaataa would’ve been proud.

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after much deliberation (hours spent watching trailers and reading reviews that made every tom, dick and harry movie seem bound for oscar glory), i FINALLY came up with a schedule of films to see during tiff……and then i got to the website. one hour and a frustrating number of red error alerts later = me haphazardly clicking away at the screen, desperately hoping to make something happen. which, um, worked. even though my careful planning and research pretty much amounted to nothing, im more then satisfied with the randomness that is my sched and would like to share it with likeminded friends in hopes of finding some fellow film-goers. i’m good company. i don’t eat popcorn too loudly or crinkle candy wrappers, nor do i overuse the terms “auteur” or “arthouse.” promise.

anway, HERE LIES MARIA’S RANDOM YET PRETTY COOL LIST OF FILMS THAT SHE HAPHAZARDLY PURCHASED TICKETS TO (you can thank me for not using the words movie and mania in the list title..… cause i wanted to. oh, how i wanted to. alliteration, the evil ex-boyfriend of literary devices.)
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i hit up zelda’s to see an old friend perform for the first time in drag. it was adorable. and made me realize that maybe i should re-evaluate my disdain for make up and dresses.

(oh yeah – the drag queen haven is moving out of the village in the next couple of months. do not fret! it’s only moving a couple blocks north to 692 yonge street.)


shit got intense this weekend at the harbourfront, VIVA LA LUCHA LIBRE!!!!

some cool things to do this month in Where Toronto. 


on mullet count at this year’s indy!

An “interview” with han’sum Blue Jays star Alex Rios in Where Toronto.

O.K. Blue Jays


Toronto Blue Jays have a swinging line-up this season. Read all about it in THIS ARTICLE for Where Toronto.